As if life itself wasn’t enough!

Why do so many of us feel unfulfilled by simply being here, on this wondrous planet?

Can it be that we live, mainly, in societies that are controlled by a few, who manipulate our ‘wants’ so perniciously that we perceive them as ‘needs’?  Are our emotions, desires and goals largely driven by nothing more than blatant materialism, sugar-coated in subtle and not-so subtle marketing, advertising and PR manipulations?  If so, how much more mental cajoling is possible and indeed how much more is there already going on that we are ‘blissfully’ unaware of?

Is it not time to reclaim our individual freedom (if indeed, we even had such a thing), by making our own decisions,  based not on contrived material interests, not on egocentric, want-based external systems, but rather on a true social responsibility that seek not to reward the self with inconsequential trappings, but rather concern for others well-being without seeking to count the cost.

The long hard look in the mirror is needed, isn’t it?

Questions, questions, questions!